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What You Get

Upgrading to the Enterprise Plan unlocks a comprehensive range of features designed to meet the needs of larger organizations and businesses.

Single Sign On
SAML-based SSO ensures secure access for all users within the organization. Beeceptor supports IdP-initiated and auto provisions the users.
Higher Security And Audit Logs
Audit logs to track all changes made to the mock servers by your users, ensuring higher compliance standards. Increase security by masking specific HTTP headers like 'Authorization'.
Mock Server
Craft realistic API simulations effortlessly for comprehensive testing and development.
OAS Upload/Hosting
Start with API design first approach. Easily upload and host OpenAPI Specifications to create a mock server instantly.
Request History
Explore the Request History with in-depth HTTP Logs (headers and payload) to enhance your analysis and troubleshooting capabilities.
Beeceptor APIs
Leverage Beeceptor's API in your Continuous Integration (CI) or Integration Tests to virtualize micro-services and simulate scenarios such as failures, latencies, large-response, etc. Ship with confidence.